Independent Research

Application Layer to the Financial Markets

Machine Learning Built-in

Data Augmentation

Feature Selection

Model Development

Regime Detection

Risk Analytics


Scientific Research

Research First

Look at industry, academic, and internal research projects for the latest research in machine learning and finance. 

Data Gathering

Identify data sources in the public or corporte domain, where not available self-generate the data. 

Write Code

Develop the necessary code to replicate the research and academic paper with the acquired or generted dataset.

Dashboard Development

With the rearch, data, and code in hand, develop the best dashboard to convey the deliver the rearch outputs. 

Data Engineering

Connect the dasboard, the data, and the code to the necessary cloud service to serve the dashboard in real-time. 

Assess and Update

Continuously update based on feedback, monitoring activites, and new developments in the research area.

Built intelligently by alumni of the best ML in Finance institutes

Alan Turing

Machine Learning in Finance

Oxford Man 

Institute of Quantitive Finance







Easy User Process

Select App

Select the app that will help you form a hypothesis or research idea.

Explore Dashboard

Explore the dashboard and the various tabs, i.e. explanation, validation etc.

Print Dashboard

Export the charts to Jupyter Notebooks or export the entire dashboard to PDF.

Export Data

Export the prediction and other other outputs to CSV or use the built-in API.


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